B-Movie: Lust Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989 (OV engl.UT)

Do 27. August, 20:15 Uhr

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R.: Klaus Maeck, Heiko Lange u.a., D.: Mark Reeder, Gudrun Gut, Blixa Bargeld, Die Ärzte, Nick Cave u.a.
D 2015, 95 Min.

There is Blixa Bargeld, skinny as a rake, getting people drunk in the bar ‘Risiko’, and an earnest-looking Nick Cave collecting ‘German Gothic’ on a wall of his room in a Berlin flat. Cool Gudrun Gut stands outside ‘Dschungel’ counting the number of clubs you can go to at two in the morning, and ‘Tödliche Doris’ sings at a most inhospitable Potsdamer Platz. And somewhere in between the Wall and firewalls, the old buildings and the new, Mania D and Westbam, is Mark Reeder from Manchester. (berlinale.de) : präsentiert von Berliner Filmfestivals

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